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About Lady Bella...

Lady Bella - Studio & Salon was founded in Australia’s creative hub of Byron Bay in 2010 by Creative Director Sarah-Jane Ryan (SJ). Recently opening a studio and salon 5 minutes from the Gold Coast Airport in the Tweed Shire. 

Working with national and international brands, designers, magazines and small businesses. Lady Bella offers a unique service with a Team delivering Photography, Hair and Makeup Artistry. 

Lady Bella has been honoured with awards in Business Excellence in Personal Services, 2017 Young Entrepreneur and with Australian Bridal Industry Awards in all three categories. 

In 2017 we launched our commercial division Bella Creative Agency focusing on Business, Marketing & Production. Our blog Behind The Business is a platform to highlight local women in business and discuss their triumphs and tribulations,  open discussions on how we as business owners can better our workplaces for working parents and what it's really like to juggle business and babies. If you are a woman in business you might be interested in our open table Tweed Bella luncheon events!

We service the Northern Rivers, Tweed Coast and regularly Abroad. Popular wedding locations include Byron Bay and the Hinterlands, Kingscliff / Casuarina, Murwillumbah / Uki and Coolangatta / Kirra. 

About Sarah-Jane...

I’ve been accused once (or twice, hehe) of being hyper-active, excitable, fun and driven. With a tendency to snort when I laugh and wave my ‘Italian’ hands around when I speak. I’m always up for a laugh and have a very healthy sense of humour. 

A creative-hippie soul with an entrepreneurial mindset. I started my career studying creative arts but fell into business development, project management and marketing roles. My passion for creativity was fierce and throughout this period I continued to further my creative skills by studying with accredited institutions Photography, Editing, Hairdressing and Makeup Artistry. Which lead me to establish Lady Bella in 2010.

I would best describe my imagery as having editorial concepts from an extensive background in the fashion industry, it's beauty styling, nostalgic, powerful and feminine.  

I believe my previous 'life' experience operating business' and managing teams of people enables me to calmly deliver professional services in challenging wedding or business environments.

Many people ask me HOW I do it all - its simple really - I don't, I have a team who supports me ;P But if you are referring to the skill sets? They all overlap and have fundamentals in common ie: Lighting, Composition, Colour and most importantly PEOPLE skills! There is just a little bit more "chemistry" in Hairdressing and a little bit more "Maths" in Photography ;P  What it all comes down too... helping people become the best versions of themselves. 

I love to learn, create and enjoy ongoing professional and personal development.


I am a mother of two beautiful girls Sophia and Isabella-Rose. We live for the ocean, arts, music and dancing. 

Now more than ever I feel a sense of duty to make a difference. I have a platform and a voice (a loud one at times ;P). I want to be an advocate for women in business. For women to collaborate not compete. Too gather your tribe and encourage one another. For women's rights to nuturer their babies in public without shame or judgement. To make women feel beautiful my enhancing their natural beauty with my skills but show them it's their inner light that shines the brightest. To be a genuine, kind and hardworking role model for my girls. Most importantly... I feel a sense of duty to make people feel good about themselves in my presences. I hope I make a stranger smile at least once a day. It's selfish really because it feel's so God damn good! 


LADY BELLA: 2016 Northern Rivers Regional Business Awards, Personal Services Award

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Kind Words...

Jennifer (Bride) | 2015

"Hey SJ, WOW totally speechless! The photos are just beautiful! ... I am just so happy with them, I have so many favourites. Just wanted to Thank you again, you helped make the day run very smoothly and now I have those beautiful memories to keep. THANKYOU" 

Keira (Bride) | 2016

"I honestly could not have gotten through today without you SJ... you are incredible!!!! We are soooo happy and so glad you were here with us... Thank you!!! " - via Text Message 

Grace & Josh | Newly-Weds 2016

Myles Gavranich (Groom) | 2015

"Thank you so much, we are so happy we found u as every thing was perfect, not just for the photography but for the hair and make up too. You made the whole experience so fun, easy and enjoyable. Looking forward to you doing our "couples photo shoot" with you!"

Meagan Cater (Bride) | 2015

"I cant tell you how much I love the photos you have taken and sent to me and everyone else has been blown away... 

People need to see how talented you are..."

Suzanne 2015 (Daughter's Portfolio) | 2015

"That is absolutely beautiful she was so, so excited and loved the one on one attention you gave her! I hope you have as much success... you truly have a gift just viewing this shoot..."

Janelle Rose (Bride) | 2015

"Sarah-Jane I can not find the right words to Thank you enough for our photo's. They are amazing. I smile and cried all the way through them. I just LOVE them!" 

Amber Bristow
Newborn Shoot | 2015

"Sarah-Jane (Lady Bella) was amazing, was so patient with me and my bub with her needing a feed while we were there etc. As you can imagine new borns probably don't want to do what they want!!

I felt so relaxed and at home, and the photos turned out absolutely great, I honestly couldn't have been happier with how the day went and the amazing photos!

SJ is such a lovely warming person who made the experience such a great one! Thanks again! In love with my pictures!"

Shaleigh & Trish

Model Portfolio | 2015

""My daughter Shaleigh had a photo shoot with Lady Bella Photography. We were very impressed,  Sarah-Jane did Shaleighs hair and make up which was just simply stunning.

Sarah was very professional and at the same time considerate , kind and caring. The photo shoot consisted of a few locations which was a lot of fun.

The un-Edited and the Edited photos were amazing we would highly recommend Lady Bella HMUA and Photography. ""

Felicity & Analise

Mother & Daughter Shoot | 2011

“Thank you immensely for everything you did for us  today.  It was bliss, enlightening, and pure fun. 

Delightfully, you were exactly as I’d imagined you would be.  You’ve definitely got a spark, are talented and ooze loveliness. 

Thank you for all your time, effort, ideas and personality. Thanks for indulging our happy love of quirky looks.”

Satya James Boutique | Runway 2014

".. Thank you soooo much for incredible work. You made all the models look utterly divine. You are so fast and efficient, and it's wonderful to be able to trust someone to just go for it, and know that they will do an amazing job. You deserve so much success darling, your so damn good at your makeup artistry... Thank you so much for helping support me with my vision and my dream. xxx” 

Amanda Bennett (Miss Belle Benet) | Fashion 2012

“What I love about you Sarah-Jane is you have a dream and then you quickly bring it into your reality. A true GO GETTER! there are not alot of you young ones out there sugar pie. I wish you every success for the future. Big love xxxxx”

Mark Banfield @ One Beautiful Day Photography 2013

“Once in a while you meet someone who just by being themselves has an effect on you that changes everything. Their happy infectiousness causes you to see the true potential o four actions and know that the sky really is the limit. Sarah-Jane Ryan is one of this people. 

I met her early in my photography and business career when she was working her magic as a make-up artist for a bride on her big day. We hit it off and immediately I knew that this was a girl going places. I was also later fortunate to photographer her family, including her beautiful daughter Sophia. After a couple more gigs together, Sarah-Jane suggested that we collaborate on a fashion shoot. I learnt so much that day from her that I will be eternally grateful. 

The following images are some of the ones we created that day and which alter featured in the online magazine 
Wedding Style Guide InternationalThank you to you, Sarah-Jane. You have been a great role model to me and I can only wish that I had your vision, enthusiasm and strength.“ 

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